Features of KanTime Home Health

The following are the features of KanTime Home Health and Hospice EMR Solution.

Intake & Referral Management: Simplify the process of receiving patients from sources of recommendations using a unified referral management system that will give you the ability to make decisions based on value.

Eligibility Verification: KanTime’s state-of-the-art medical eligibility check tools detect any potential claims problems before the work is done. These tools simplify manual processes and optimize the workflow and assure that your organization will receive payment for the tasks completed.

Authorizations: Post-acute-care providers often face difficulties when manually entering prior insurance authorizations. Fortunately, our system enables administrators to swiftly obtain the necessary authorizations so that patients can begin receiving care more quickly.

Scheduling: KanTime home health scheduling software can diminish communication issues and mistakes. Our sophisticated scheduling platform ensures clients receive a higher level of care and decreases the legal peril caused by miscommunication. All can be done just from the KanTime App.

Clinical POC: Provide your clinical staff with user-friendly point-of-care documentation solutions. KanTime helps healthcare professionals with the everyday duties of observing, caring for, and recording the development of patients.

KanTime home health
KanTime Home Health

Order Tracking: KanTime facilitates the organization, delivery, and monitoring of a healthcare provider’s instructions within a single platform. This system simplifies the communication of orders and enhances the tracking process.

Quality Assurance: To ensure the highest quality of care and the most promising patient results, your organization has adopted the practice of pay-for-performance and evidence-based medicine. Quality is of the utmost importance, and KanTime offers the necessary support to achieve it.

Billing and Coding: The financial management of healthcare depends on medical billing and coding. To guarantee that you get reimbursed for your services, you should make the revenue cycle of your agency more effective with a modern medical billing program.

IDT Management: Hospice agencies must have a productive and successful IDT process. KanTime’s interdisciplinary team management solution guarantees that your care teams will have the opportunity to manage and document the essential care plans for your patients and still have time to give attention to the patient’s needs.

HR & Payroll: Our wise HR tools assist authorities in guaranteeing that all booked caregivers possess the necessary qualifications to fulfill your patients’ unique care requirements. Make decisions promptly while accomplishing your objective of delivering superior care by eliminating disparate data silos.

KanTime+ and Electronic Visit Verification.